About Christi

Christi Arnette is a Columbia, SC, based artist who loves fun and friends as much as she loves to paint!
She grew up in Dillon, SC, and began painting at a very early age thanks to her biggest champion, her mother.  She went on to attend The South Carolina Covernor's School for the Arts in high school, with the help of Florence, SC, artist Helene Lee.  After graduating from Queens College in Charlotte, NC, (where she met the best girls in the world!), with a degree in Art History and Museum, Archives and Historic Sites, she moved to Columbia in 1989.  Until 2001, she worked at the Department of Archives and History, when she took a leap and became a full time artist.
Christi paints using acrylic on canvas with a brush, palette knife and various other tools that she creatively finds ways to use.  Her style is bright and textured with lots of quick and heavy brushstrokes. Her favorite color is Paynes Grey and it is found in many of her paintings.  Using fine acrylics to mistint paints she finds at paint stores, she keeps a palette of blues and greens for everything from whimsical  and colorful abstracts to oysters, boats, local landmarks, and so much more. 
She currently has a studio on Carlisle Street and will soon make the exciting move to Partage under the carefully curated eye of Leslie Francis.  She cannot WAIT!